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RCBC Savings Bank Essay

I. Rundown RCBC Savings Bank is a completely claimed auxiliary of one of the country’s top widespread banks, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). RCBC Savings Bank was consolidated on the fifteenth day of January, 1996 to offer retail banking types of assistance to its objective customers and fill in as the purchaser and retail banking arm of RCBC. RCBC Savings Bank officially began its frugality banking procedure on the 27th day of February, 1996. It developed widely in a little more than a year, from a lean one-branch association with a seven-man skeletal power to an establishment with a system of six branches upheld by 106 full-time work force in 1997.In September 1998, RCBC Savings Bank obtained chosen resources and expected store liabilities of Capitol Development Bank. Because of the key partnership, the Bank additionally augmented the span of its branch arrange and turned into the second biggest frugality bank in the nation with 117 branches. One of its branches is the RCBC Savings Bank La Paz in Iloilo City. It serves numerous Ilonggos in banking and financing administrations. In spite of its quickly developing business, the Management gave no consideration to some inside control parts of its branches. Like the La Paz Branch numerous grievances from clients with respect to the effectiveness and moderate moving help of the bank. The long lining of the clients each time they do exchanges to tellers is actually an issue; it diminishes the altruism of the organization and considerably more the consumer loyalty. As we as a whole know, the opposition in banking industry is high and numerous banks are as of now here in Iloilo. How might the Management address this issue? What course of activities or arrangements should the Management set up to accomplish higher consumer loyalty? Is the organization truly into understanding its vision to be the most-looked for after by the shopper showcase with regards to budgetary items and administrations?

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Siemens Keep Knowledge Management Booming Free Essays

Siemens Keep Knowledge Management Booming An audit of Siemens Management Case Study Latasha Smith National University November 03, 2012 A survey of Siemens Management Case Study 1. How did Siemens information the board framework develop? Siemens information the board framework advanced into a formalized data framework that is promptly accessible to any representative paying little heed to title, rank, or position. The new actualized KMS permitted Siemens to use and deal with the numerous aptitudes and ability of the 460,000 representatives. We will compose a custom article test on Siemens Keep Knowledge Management Booming or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now The advanced framework is called Share Net which joined all part of document sharing, for example, visit, archive and internet searcher. With the utilization of ShareNet Siemens had the option to make their image increasingly locative and safeguard the notoriety of being one the world’s driving innovation organization. 2. How does Siemens see information (scholarly) resources? Siemens knew the significance of having the option to envelop a method of passing information down from the most senior to junior worker was an errand that should have been finished. This won't be a simple activity thinking about that Siemens has 460,000 thousand representatives around the world. So as to have the option to pass data to all representatives in an auspicious issue it was basic that Siemens defeat specialized and social hindrances to have the option to arrive at all workers. With the measure of representatives Siemens has they realized it was a variety of potential that could be utilized to benefit the business, however there was not a framework set up to catch it. 3. What does utilizing skill mean? How did Siemens do this? Disclose how this identifies with the exceptional yield on speculation. Utilizing ability intends to dispense data no matter how you look at it. Collecting information from the educated and having it accessible because of the whole association in a composed configuration. Siemens achieved this by actualizing an information base framework that made it simple for representatives to share data. The simpler it is to share the greater probability workers will give important information. Motivators and â€Å"shares† was additionally part of Siemens KMS to rouse information. Siemens put resources into their representative who in returned put their insight to help in the association getting entirely beneficial. 4. Portray the advantages of the Siemens ShareNet information the board framework. ShareNet was a worthwhile and compensating execution for Siemens. Siemens burned through $7. 8 million on creating parts of the ShareNet to help interchanges Net Groups, and inside two years had the option to return a benefit of $122 million in deals. Furthermore Siemens was perceived as â€Å"one of the most respected information undertakings worldwide for a long time by Telco (Turban et al, 2011)†. ShareNet empowered joint effort among the association start to finish. The most junior representative had the option to give knowledge and standards and above all else got the acknowledgment. Affirmation is a basic component in holding great representatives and producing a positive working environment. ShareNet gave representatives a feeling of proprietorship in the organization picture, and long haul development. 5. Clarify the importance of culture change as happened at Siemens. Incorporate how the different bodies electorate got tied up with the framework in your answer. Culture Transformation happened at Siemens in numerous structures. Sharing data is the same old thing and Siemens staff has made an okay showing considering the measure of time they have been doing business before introducing an information the board framework. The old method of sharing information required the individual who required it to find the individual through others. This was asset squander and tedious for an organization the size of Siemens. In this manner, something must be done to interface the worldwide information and the neighborhood information. The readiness to actualize an innovation framework that Siemens has never utilized shows social change. Siemens had the option to step out and face a challenge without knowing the outcomes. The way of life change acquired voting demographics, for example, compensating workers to improve information sharing. 6. Clarify how the Internet and Web innovations empowered the information the board framework. The Internet empowered the information the board framework by giving a methods for sorting out the information in a normalized position that is utility accessible as long as there is an Internet association. A system was set up to gather, classify to share data. Records could be transferred and erased as they become out of date. The Internet was the information behind NetShare. References Turban, E. , Sharda, R. , and Delen, D. (2011). Choice Support Systems and Business Intelligence Systems (ninth ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Instructions to refer to Siemens Keep Knowledge Management Booming, Essay models

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Countershading Definition and Examples

Countershading Definition and Examples Countershading is a kind of hue generally found in creatures and implies that the creatures back (dorsal side) is dull while its underside (ventral side) is light. This concealing helps a creature mix in with its environmental factors. Portrayal In the sea, countershading disguises a creature from predators or prey. When seen from underneath, a creatures lighter midsection would mix in with the lighter sky above. When seen from over, its darker back would mix in with the sea base underneath. Countershading in the Military Countershading has additionally had military applications. German and U.S. military planes utilized countershading to escape their adversaries byâ painting the base of the plane white and the highest point of the plane to coordinate the shade of the encompassing area.â Turn around Countershading Theres additionally switch countershading, light on top and dim on the underside, which can be found in skunks and nectar badgers. Turn around countershading is commonly found in creatures with solid regular defenses.â Interchange Spellings: Counter Shading, Counter-Shading A few rorqual whales are counter-concealed, including blade whales, humpback whales, and minke whales.

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The Medical Ethics of Physician-assisted Suicide - Free Essay Example

Physician assisted suicide is when a doctor supplies a person with the necessary things and information to help the person perform a life ending act. Physician assisted suicide is when is when a person gets prescribed a deadly dose of medicine from their docotr that they can take when they get ready too. Physician assisted suicide has become an option for those around the world and even legal in certain States in the US. This option is legal in 6 states which are California, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington) most of those requiring a minimum age of 18 years old, and a diagnosis of 6 months or less life expectancy. This being legal in states that are so close to home makes me interested to know more about the topic and why it is legal in those 6 states and also why it is prohibited in certain places around the world. I personally think physician assisted suicide is wrong and should never been performed on any person. , Jackowski (2014) explains why assisted suicide is not the answer, and that every person considering assisted suicide should have someone teaching them on the reasons assisted suicide isnt the answer. People should have a healthcare advocate that can give them options and resources that they may not be able to get from friends or family. I agree with Jackowskirs because she gives really good reasons behind what she believes and I agree with the fact that assisted suicide isnt the right option and should be avoided at all costs. Those who are diagnosed with an terminal illness are at a all-time low in their life and should not be left with such a huge decision without being explained the procedure. In many cases, there are patients who are given only a certain amount of time to live and I can see where some people would want to do an assisted suicide. Angell (2012) explains why assisted suicide should be an option for people who have been diagnosed with a deadly illness. There are many things that have to be met in order to receive assisted suicide and also the doctor has the option to disagree with the choice and also refuse to do it. Assisted suicide isnt an option for those who have illnesses that are not terminal, and a doctor has to deny the request of assisting in this. Many requirements have to be met in this case for assisted suicide and that is what makes this idea something that many people believe in. If this was to pass and become an option I find it very important that there are guidelines for each and every requirement that must be met in order for the assisted suicide to take place. Angell (2012) also brings up the point where depression may cause some patients to want assisted suicide and this could not be allowed to happen because depression is a treatable illness. There are many requirements that must be met in order to be treated in this way and this assures me that this option could be positive for those who are diagnosed with a certain type of illness that cannot be treated. I believe that assisted suicide has many loopholes that can be found and misused and Rockett (2014) explains that there are in fact many mistakes can happen when assisting someone in this type of treatment. This article talks about a patient who was given 6 months to live but then ended up living longer than 6 months. A personrs sickness can be reversed, but if someone decided to do assisted suicide then the outcome cannot change. Assisted suicide could end someoners life when they could have much longer to live than their diagnosis told them. Rockett (2014) makes many points on how assisted suicide could go wrong therefore it should not be practiced, she explains the mistakes that can be made and that can cost someone their life. The doctor should fully commit themselves to the health of their patients, and patients should feel safe in the care of their physicians. I believe that this method of treatment could be misused by many doctors, leaving patients hopeless and unsafe in the c are of their physicians. Everyone has the right to express themselves anyway that they want. They also have the right to go about their life in any way that they choose. In this article, Humphreys (2006) explains to us that people should be able to control the way they die. He uses his brother as an example because he was diagnosed with cancer, and suffered through chemo the entire time. Someone who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a certain amount of time to live should have the option of taking control and ending their pain and suffering rather than just waiting until the day comes. Having to suffer and just lay there waiting until you die is something that is explained in this article, and assisted suicide could really help those who are in this situation. I also believe that the person should be informed very deeply and given information about the topic. I even think the person should be told that there is potentially a chance they could live longer than expected. I believe this would in fa ct change many peoplers minds about ending their lifers. My view is that there are very good points explained by Humphreys (2006) stating that if someone is near death and suffering then they should be able to determine when they are ready to end it. I think that assisted suicide would be a lot more difficult than just giving this as an option for those with a terminal illness. If assisted suicide was an option for those who are ill then it should be used in a strict manner to ensure that it isnt misused in any type of way. I think there should be a program for the people to go through and given the information on the subject. I think that many times many people give up to soon when if they would have just fought awhile longer their life would have turned around for the better.

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Khaled Hosseini s A Thousand Splendid Suns - 1049 Words

As a passionate reader, there are many books I have come across which offers enjoyment and a range resourceful figurative language. However, none have been as captivating and inspirational as Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns. This novel not only offers a pleasurable experience, but also stresses many aesthetic values that allow the story to be considered a literary merit. Hosseini’s novel tells a tale of how two young women, born from different generations and raised under different circumstance, have crossed paths in their lives due to tragic circumstances. Throughout the novel, Hosseini offers a first hand view into the Afghanistan culture, and highlights the story’s main values on the discrimination of women, human capacity for evil, importance of education, and strengths that results from bonds. Through the stories of its female protagonists, Laila and Mariam, Hosseini exposes the tormented lives of women living under the rule of the Mujahideen and the Taliban in Afghanistan. When Mariam’s mother Nana committed suicide, and her father Jalil had to take her in, the shame of having Mariam’s presence in the family burdened Jalil. To protect his family name and meet the social expectations, Jalil arranged Mariam’s marriage, and without her consent, agreed to let Rasheed take her as his wife. While living with Rasheed, Mariam suffered constant abuses that indicated her existence as a property rather than human being. Rasheed’s requirements for Mariam showed howShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Khaled Hosseini s A Thousand Splendid Suns 1657 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Khaled Hosseini and Marjane Satrapi know that there is more to the Middle East than terrorism. Khaled Hosseini demonstrates his understanding of Afghanistan through Mariam’s and Laila’s lives in A Thousand Splendid Suns. Hosseini begins their tale during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in the 1970’s and ties it off during the post-Taliban reconstruction of the early 2000’s. Hosseini himself was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and is a U.S. envoy to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)Read MoreA Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini1504 Words   |  7 PagesA Thousand Splendid Suns is an historical fiction novel, written by Khaled Hosseini, set in Afghanistan during the late 1960’s to early 2000’s. It follows the life of Mariam, a ‘harami’ child, who experiences the twisted reality of polygamy first hand. Hosseini explores thought provoking ideas in a society where gender inequality and poorly valued education is the norm ality. Hosseini’s main purpose is to show the importance of differing perspectives, as well as how to discern between the right andRead MoreAnalysis Of Khaled Hosseini And E. Hosseini1727 Words   |  7 Pagesbullied to being killed, these Afghan women have been through it all. Mariam and Laila are two characters from A Thousand Splendid Suns that were almost beaten to death by thee oppression of war during this time period. Khaled Hosseini and E. Cai use the events of war in Afghanistan to portray the suffering of women through Mariam and Laila of A Thousand Splendid Suns. Khaled Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1965 and relocated to Paris in 1976. When making preparations to return in 1980Read MoreThe Effect Of Pleasure And Disquietude By George Orwell And A Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini1044 Words   |  5 Pagesgreat combination of pleasure and disquietude are 1984 by George Orwell and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. In many instances throughout these novels there are conflicting feelings about war, society, and humanity. Orwell and Hosseini use details and imagery to show characters and events that create the conflicting emotions of pleasure and disquietude in the reader. In 1984 and A Thousand Splendid Suns, practically every positive emotion felt by the reader is followed by conflictingRead MoreSummary Of A Thousand Splendid Suns 1467 Words   |  6 PagesCharacter The plot of A Thousand Splendid Suns revolves around two protagonists: Laila and Mariam. Most of the story’s characters are round, but Mariam and Laila are exceptionally complex. Mariam is a harami, a bastard, that leaves her mother, Nana, in order to live with Jalil, her father. Jalil rejects her, and Jalil and Mariam later regret the decisions that they made at that point in their lives. Mariam is a quiet, thoughtful, and kind woman who was born in Herat, and her face has been describedRead MoreA Thousand Splendid Suns2892 Words   |  12 Pages               A  Thousand  Splendid  Suns  Ã‚   Theme  Analysis  Lesson      Subject:  English  Language  Arts   Grades:  9†12   Timeframe:  Four  45  minute  sessions         Student  Outreach  for  Shelters  (SOS)  Program         Overview   This  lesson  is  designed  to  deepen  students’  analysis  of  the  novel  A   Thousand  Splendid  Suns.  Ã‚  In  addition,  this  lesson  is  designed  to  provide   educators  with  a  core  novel  connection  to  the  shelter  outreach  themes  of   the  Khaled  Hosseini  Foundation  SOS  program.   Preparation   Read MoreA Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini1461 Words   |  6 Pagesnovel A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Laila and Mariam are two women who fall victim to physical, sexual and emotional abuse during the course of the novel. This abuse is suffered at the hand of Rasheed their husband. Physical Physical abuse is present throughout the course of the novel and Laila and Mariam suffer constantly with the abuse. It starts off as one violent action that leads to another and before you know it has turned into a vicious cycle. In A Thousand Splendid SunsRead MoreKhaled Hossieni s The Kite Runner1433 Words   |  6 PagesKhaled Hossieni was born in 1965 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is a successful physician however, he is better known for his vivid Afghan based novels. Growing up his father was a diplomat and his mother was a school teacher. They had to move around often for his father’s job and in 1976, they moved to Paris and his father worked at the Afghan embassy there. Due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, it was unsafe for the family to return home. They sought out safety and moved to San Jose, CaliforniaRead MoreA Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini1577 Words   |  7 PagesIn Khaled Hosseini’s novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns, women live in an oppressive, discriminatory Afghan society in which they are deemed useless and obtain little to no rights, yet still manage to endure the burden that falls upon them. After the immensely false interpretations of her father and the bitter fatality of her mother, Mariam’s father demands she marries a stranger considerably older than her at the age of fifteen. Rasheed prays daily in hopes for Laila to produce a male offspring andRead MoreA Thousand Splendid Suns Report1455 Words   |  6 Pagesflourish as individuals for hundreds and thousands of years. In her detailed journal on women in the Middle East, Haleh Afshar explains, â€Å"For too long, the analytical parameters for understanding citizenship, identity and the processes of war and migration have been set up by men† ( 237). Either these women rebel or protest against the discrimination, or they are forced to look from the bottom up at society. A Thousand Splendid Suns, written by Khaled Hosseini, narrates the lives of two Afghan women

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Every Good Story Requires Its Villains, Heroes and...

BOLTON UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF WELLBEING AND SOCIAL SCIENCE BUSINESS SCHOOL Module Name and number: Managing Organisational Behaviour. (BAM2002) Tutor: Tony CARDEN Assignment Number: 1 of 2 (50%) Assignment Length: 2500 words Submission Deadline: Monday 19th March 2012 (Week 7) Assignment Title: Every good story requires its villains, heroes and heroines. The study of management is no different and a perusal of Organisational Textbooks, more often than not, depicts F. W. Taylor’s Scientific Management theory as the villain of the story and the Human Relations Movement as the hero or heroine. The Human Relations Movement is portrayed as the proverbial knight in shining white armour whose arrival, via†¦show more content†¦From this time, managerial theory became unavoidable and critical in the way managers manage complex organizations. More broadly, according to Koontz and Weihrich (1990:4), â€Å"management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims.† Management has been defined in many different ways, but there is a common denominator to all those definitions, some elements are used and considered in each definition. Chelladurai, P. (2005) points out some elements like goals/objectives to be achieved with limited resources and with and through people. He adds that the objective of every managerial work and mostly the role of the manager inside a company are to inspire, motivate, and encourage the workers to perform at their workplace in an effective and cost-effective manner. This shows how managers of contemporary organizations have to cope with a strategic and starring role in their respective organizations if they are to achieve set goals. Because the management process has several required organisational steps which cannot be ignored and have to be implemented using knowledge areas such as planning, organising, leading and evaluating. Do Human relations movement and Taylorism have joint elements? Through the twentieth century, management theory developed in different phases. Grieves, J. (2000) stresses that management researchers invested

Employment Laws Chart

Question: Complete the Employment Laws Chart. The chart includes descriptions, court cases, importance of, and application of employment laws. You may use past or current court cases that are related to the law. Answer: Employment Laws Chart Complete the chart below using information from the weekly readings and additional research if necessary. Employment Law Description and Requirement of Law (Describe the law) Court Case Influential to Establishment of Law (Must have a court case, use past or present court case) Importance of Law (Explain importance) Workplace Application (How does the law apply in the workplace?) Civil Rights Act of 1964 The purpose of the law is to remove the discrimination based on color, sex, creed, religion. The Civil Rights Act is a centralized law taking federal action against isolation in public accommodation, public amenities and service. The reference case related to the Civil Rights Act was Griggs v Duke Power Co, 1971. The case involved in employment discrimination which was decided on 8th March in 1971. The earlier mentioned law is of general importance because its aim to put an end of the civil war and dispute and to make a confirmation of legal equity for the people of Blacks and Whites. The law encouraged the integration of the related public schools. The earlier mentioned applies to both public and private zone at the state, central and local rank. The statute restricts workers decisions and policies based on workers stereotyped intuition that motherhood and even fatherhood sometimes unsuited with the work. However it is not much useful in the office but still it assures all the workers have equal prospect within the accessible organization and do not entail any of the workers to make structural changes to encourage flexibility. Equal Employment Opportunity Act The statute is formed to assist in the protection and security of the United States workers from bias. The act is created to safeguard the workers from the discrimination of the work on caste, creed, religion, sex and of native foundation. The case in relation to the Equal Employment Act, 1972 was Mc Donnell Douglas Corp v Green in 1973 which was based on trouble shifting structure. The Act is an essential step towards true and fair equality on the work face. The important feature of this statute it is a condition arming the Equal Employment Opportunity commission to bring the law cases in the Federal districts court to put into effect the rights assured by the Civil Rights Act. The legislation is essential as it is the moral right to perform oneself in the working place and the act also helps in carrying the business of the company in a better and advanced way. Equal Pay Act The Equal Pay Act, 1963, designed to abolish salary inequality based on sex. The law states no workers discriminate on the basis of sex by paying salary to the workers in such institution at a less rate than the rate that he or she pays salary to the workers of the opposite gender for equal job. The famous case under this statute was Corning Glass Works v Brennan, 1974 providing equal pay or wages to both men and women for equal work. The act is important because it benefits to wages which is considerably lower for women, families become more dependent on the wages of the women as the men are losing their work at a high rate. Moreover it hurts the men due to lower salary of the women and highly educated women drop more wages. The act applies in the workplace that men and women must be given equal salary for equal work working in the same workplace. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 The purpose of the law is to forbid service inequity against the person who is of forty years of age under the United States jurisdiction. The act restricts discrimination on the basis of age in activities receiving national financial support. The leading case under this statute was the Price Warehouse v Hopkins, 1981 based on the issue of workers liability for age inequity. The statute is essential because it secures certain applicants and workers who are forty years of age especially on the basis of hiring, encouragement, release, reimbursement and terms of employment. The Legislation applies to the employers who are forty years of age and above this age working in the private and public sector. The act also applies to the business of the company which is working with more than twenty workers. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 The statute is a civil rights restricting discrimination upon disability of the workers of the United States. It safeguard to the American against the bias with the disabilities regarding the Civil Rights Act. The relevant case regarding this Legislation was the Barden v The City of Sacramento, 1999 urging that the people of the city of Sacramento failed to obey with this act in making public streets renovations. The act restricts discrimination among the people with disabilities in the matters of service, public lodging, communications, hauling and the activities relating to the Government of the United States. The statute also provides necessities for the telecommunications transmit service. The statute applies in the workplace due to some special reasons. It fulfills workers requirement for the work such as employment, education, skill, experience etc. The workers are also able to perform the important function of the work such with or without reasonable lodging. Civil Rights Act of 1991 The purpose of the legislation is to restrict the rights of the workers who sued their respective employers for discrimination. The relevant case law was the Patterson v McLean Credit Union, 1991. The essential of the act is to remove bias regarding employment. The act applies to both the workers of the public and private sectors. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 The purpose of the act requiring the employers to provide workers job protected and due leave for qualified family and medical cause. The influential case was the Taylor v Progress Energy Inc in 2005. The essentials of the act it supplies work secured and leave for medical purposes. It provides flexible and comfortable work options in the private zone. Privacy Act of 1974 The act is aimed to establish a Code of Fair and True Information Practice governing the maintenance, use, collection, distribution of personally and privately restricted news about the folks who are maintained in the system of records by Federal agencies. The popular case in connection to the mentioned statute was the Doe v Chao, decided on 2004by the Supreme Court of the United States construing the legal damages provisions of the Privacy Act, 1974. The necessities of the act are to provide people with broad protection and safeguard from the unauthorized use of records and report which the Federal agencies maintain about them. It also reveals or discloses the purposes for which they are gathering information and provides each person to access records and report about them. The importance of the application of this act is that it applies in practice to the job place which is important for the privacy shield of the workers in the working place. Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 This statute of the United States entail few Federal contractors and all Centralized grantees to concur that they should provide workplaces free of drug and other drug related products as a precondition for receiving a contract or even to grant from Federal organization. The relevant case in relation to the Drug Free Workplace Act was the City of Sioux Falls v Miller in 1996 determined by the court of the United States jurisdiction. The statute is important as it requires federal contractors and the grantees to certify that they will sustain a drug free working place and enables all the workers safely and securely free of drug and drug associated products. The act applies to the federal contractors whose association is not for acquirement of the goods and services. It applies to all the association that is of federal grantees and does not apply to the subcontractors or the sub grantees. Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 The act prevents workers from using lie detector tests either for the pre work screening or during the course of the job including few exemptions. The leading case under this statute was the Howard E. Saari v Smith Barney, Harris decided on 1983 by the Supreme court of the United States. The act is of importance because it restricts workers from requesting a member of staff or job candidate to use a detector and test to find out regarding the discrimination against other employee for refusing to take a test. The act applies to both public and private workers in the company or the corporation. and Retraining Notification Worker Adjustment Act (WARN) of 1988 The Worker Adjustment And Retraining Act is aimed to provide and protect workers, families, and communities by requiring with more than hundred labors to provide sixty calendar day advances notifying regarding the closing of plant and mass layoffs of workers. The famous case was the North Star Steel Co v Thomas, 1995. The act is of general importance as it protects labors along with their families in relation to the closure of plant and mass layoffs by providing advance notice to the workers. The Legislation does not apply to the closure of the temporary facilities or even the completion of a activity when the employees are hired for the duration of that activity. References: Corning Glass Works v. Brennan, 417 U.S. 188, 208 (1974). Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States (1964).